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Emotional X-rays: Leverage “The Big Five”

In general, traditional demographics and psychographics give important statistical data like age, gender, income, education, ethnicity, etc., but ignore basic human personality characteristics that crossover the statistical data. These personality traits are not categorized by numbers and stats, but rather … Continue reading

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Are You a Brand or a Commodity?

The purpose of building your brand is to use that perceived value, through marketing, to sustain sales at a greater level of return than the market is inclined to give a non-branded service or product. The objective of every brand … Continue reading

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5 Benefits of a Powerful Press Release

    No matter what industry you’re in and no matter how small or big your company or organization is, you will benefit from press release distribution. You have stories that can get you coverage in trade journals, magazines, blogs, … Continue reading

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Earworm Branding: “Can’t Get It Out of My Head”

“Can’t Get It Out of My Head,” the 1974 ELO song that launched the band into America’s Top Ten, is the dream of every brand marketer for his target regarding his brand’s tagline or jingle. Say, “It’s the real thing,” … Continue reading

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