What are Your Customers Really Thinking?


“People don’t buy 4-inch drill bits; they buy 4-inch holes.” –Author unknown

Because people don’t buy products, they buy what they can do with them, we have a suggestion. In your next meeting or on your next advertising project (or for one in progress) ask yourself and team members these three questions:

1) Are we defining our customers the way they think about themselves?

2) Are we looking at life from their point of view?

3) Are we thinking about ways to bring our products and services to them rather than expecting them to come to us?

Your product or service is simply a tool for the customer to get what he/she really wants and needs. Define the customer’s real wants and needs, and tailor your marketing and advertising around it. This is the first step toward developing that all important consumer insight

About Chris Hornsby

Chris’ brand design expertise, helps lead clients into new frontiers. He understands the power of branding. He and his team answer each challenge with creative solutions that not only achieve results, but break the ground of conventionalism. This 2013 AAF (American Advertising Federation) Hall of Fame inductee has garnered more than 100 local and international awards for his creative/strategic solutions, along with being published in several prestigious design annuals. This UGA grad has cultivated his years of design and brand leadership experience in numerous agencies in Atlanta and Knoxville and in several in-house, international firms such as Philips/Maganavox and Peavey Electronics.
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